Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blood Conspiracy is on Amazon

I just uploaded Blood Conspiracy to Amazon.
I will have it in print as soon as I defeat MS Word's auto format. It is currently refusing to adhere to my commands when it comes to section breaks like an itinerant HAL. "I cannot do that, Dave." I'm going to install Open Office and see if it's formatting features are a little less tyrannical.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


My cover illustrator made me a neat wallpaper using all the glyphs she designed.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

You're fired! or You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

I sell most of my books on 3 sites: Amazon (99% of all sales), Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble (because Smashwords was taking way to long to distribute to them). Smashwords is a constant thorn in my side. I have format EVERYTHING different for them. They don't allow large fonts for titles, no hyperlinks to anything other than my blog or FB page, and anytime I make any change (like uploading a new cover) the manuscript contains problems that weren't there before despite not having touched the manuscript. These people have added hours and hours of work to fixing alleged problems every time I publish a new book, make a new cover, or make any changes to my manuscript. So I fired them. I fired them and Barnes and Noble. B&N didn't do anything wrong and their site is very writer friendly and caused no problems, but it is still to much work to justify spending the time it takes to create a separate book for them. All my books will be available exclusively on Amazon and will soon by free for Prime members where you can "borrow" them to read. Don't worry, I still get paid. I know that is your greatest concern and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you, readers. Smashwords...say hi to Azerick in the abyss for me.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Soul Transcendent

I decided what book I'm going to write next. I hope it comes out as good on "paper" as it is in my head. Going to take a few days to generate some character and town names. Few things are more annoying than being on a writing streak only to get stuck on a name.

Soul Transcendent (or Transcendent Soul)...(or a word I'm going to make up meaning Transcendent Soul) is fantasy book about a young man named Garron sold into indentured servitude to build the King's Highway. King Leopold Statt wants to create a trade road connecting his kingdom to several others to break the economic stranglehold The Guild has on nearly all trade in the kingdom. Garron is a scoundrel and  a deviant, but when mercenaries employed by The Guild attack the road crew in order to disrupt its construction, Garron's transcendent soul emerges from within and he becomes a warrior of unparalleled skill and lethality.

With the emergence of this powerful ability, Garron is enlisted into the Ministry of Diplomacy as intelligence agent. When The Guild decides to overthrow the throne, the fate of the entire kingdom rests in Garron's ability to protect the last surviving heir and return him to the throne. With the future of the kingdom in the hands of a drunken deviant, the future looks dark indeed.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blood Conspiracy

Just finished third draft of Blood Conspiracy and sent it off to a friend to read. Managed to break 70k words. Would have like to reach closer to 80k but the story was told in 70 and adding more wouldn't necessarily add anything other than word count.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Blogging about Food- Tasty Descriptions

I was asked to guest host a blog, so here it is.

Blogging about Food- Tasty Descriptions

In Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl masterfully used imagery to describe a fantastic new chewing gum. One of his characters, a genius inventor named Willy Wonka, engineered a gum to provide the chewer with the equivalent of a three-course meal. As the character described the taste and feel of the tomato soup, roast beef, baked potato, and blueberry pie, readers conjured the same tastes and smells in their mind’s eye. Bloggers attempt to recreate culinary experiences in the imagination of their readers. The more successfully the blogger describes the food, the more well-received their blogs will be. Let us examine five ways to inject flavor into bland food descriptions.

l  What Makes Your Mouth Water?
            A food blog is, in general, a work of non-fiction. Subscribers will sense phony enthusiasm. In order to produce authentically inspiring reviews, be selective as to which dishes you will feature. Both the worst and the best dishes will inspire your richest opinions. Your genuine reactions will amuse your readers.

l  The Major Taste Categories
If you plan to blog about cuisine on a regular basis, you must familiarize yourself with the basic taste profiles. People will want to know if the food is sweet, sour, bitter, salty, or umami. If you use a technical term like umami, you should explain what it means. In this instance, umami is used to refer to a savory taste, such as a smoky cheese or a meaty sauce. Other possible tastes are fruity, tangy, spicy, and tart.

l  Feel the Flavors
            How does the food feel on your tongue? If the sensation is notable, you will want to inform your readers. Certain pairings are cliché. For example, you have probably heard of crispy bacon, crunchy potato chips, and salty pickles. Food bloggers have to be more careful than most bloggers about plagiarism. Why? Often, bloggers find a recipe online or in a cookbook. No one can copyright a list of ingredients, but the procedure and description may be under protection. In order to publish an article with a borrowed recipe, you need to restate the material in your own words. Ensure that you reword enough of the recipe that your work will pass a plagiarism checker. Why not head over to and look for some less commonly used synonyms? 

l  “That Looks Scrumptious!”
            Online recipes should show photographs of the finished dish. Before reading a word, many recipe-seekers decide from the pictures if the recipe is worthy of attention. Make it easy for your readers to see themselves recreating the meal.  If there is a step that is tricky, include a tutorial video, photograph, or link to a website that teaches the necessary skill in a simple way. 

l  Red Flags
            People often cook recipes that fit their lifestyle. Quick meals with few ingredients attract busy parents who do not have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Athletes gravitate toward nutritious, heart-healthy fare. Wealthy persons are most likely to experiment with costly or rare ingredients. Therefore, the title of your blog and its recipes will appeal to certain webpage visitors more than others. It is beneficial to focus on a group with a lifestyle similar to your own. If you do, you and your readers will be enticed by the same things.

Please read the following description, excerpted from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: 

“'If you were to start chewing it,' said Mr. Wonka, 'then that is exactly what you would get on the menu. It's absolutely amazing! You can actually feel the food going down your throat and into your tummy! And you can taste it perfectly! And it fills you up! It satisfies you! It's terrific!'”

What a terrific description of Mr. Wonka’s inventive gum! To paint a picture as vivid as Roald Dahl did in his novel, engage all five senses by describing the taste, appearance, smell, texture, and sound of entrees. Feature foodstuffs that made a strong impression on you so that your descriptions are sincere and passionate. Remember, your word choice will attract and repel certain groups of readers. Carefully consider who will be visiting your webpage and gear your recipes toward their interests.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Extended epilogue to The Sorcerer's Destiny

After reading some reviews, I decided to write an extended epilogue to The Sorcerer's Destiny. It was said that the original was too short and left some key characters kind of hanging, so I wrapped up a few of their roles. It won't be what everyone wants, but it should be an improvement for those who felt the ending was too brief and left questions unanswered. Any further question please feel welcome to post them to my blog. Thanks.
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