Thursday, October 17, 2013

First draft is finally finished.

I finally finished Book 8 and now must sit down and read and proof and reread and proof and edit and proof. The worst part by far. At a 136,000 words I think I hit the mark for a proper length without slowing the pace of the story down at all. In fact, some will probably find it too fast. I hope the epic battles do not become tedious for the reader. That is my biggest concern thus far.


  1. Fantastic! The cover art is excellent as well. Any idea how soon we can expect a publish date?

  2. I project in December, but I have so far always release a little earlier. I should be able to perform several proof-readings in the next 6 weeks to release a quality final for very early December.

  3. So excited! Thanks for the hard work, Brock!


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