Thursday, March 6, 2014

Soul Transcendent

I decided what book I'm going to write next. I hope it comes out as good on "paper" as it is in my head. Going to take a few days to generate some character and town names. Few things are more annoying than being on a writing streak only to get stuck on a name.

Soul Transcendent (or Transcendent Soul)...(or a word I'm going to make up meaning Transcendent Soul) is fantasy book about a young man named Garron sold into indentured servitude to build the King's Highway. King Leopold Statt wants to create a trade road connecting his kingdom to several others to break the economic stranglehold The Guild has on nearly all trade in the kingdom. Garron is a scoundrel and  a deviant, but when mercenaries employed by The Guild attack the road crew in order to disrupt its construction, Garron's transcendent soul emerges from within and he becomes a warrior of unparalleled skill and lethality.

With the emergence of this powerful ability, Garron is enlisted into the Ministry of Diplomacy as intelligence agent. When The Guild decides to overthrow the throne, the fate of the entire kingdom rests in Garron's ability to protect the last surviving heir and return him to the throne. With the future of the kingdom in the hands of a drunken deviant, the future looks dark indeed.


  1. This is something I very much want to read.

    1. I hope people enjoy it. It is not the flash and hack fantasy of my Sorcerer's Path and relies on characters and story to entertain the readers. It's a risk, but I have to take it.


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